Colapz Flexi Waste Pipe Kit

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These super cool expanding pipes come in approximately 1 metre lengths, measuring 50cm in length initially, they then DOUBLE is size once you stretch them out! You can decide what length you will need to reach the waste outlet from your caravan, and then it's a case of simply expanding the tubes to the required length and connecting them to each other.

  • No more smelly awkward waste pipes!
  • Very easy to link and adjust to a desired length
  • Easy to angle, so you can direct the water exactly where you want it to go
  • Lightweight and robust, enhanced with quality UV stabilisers
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Kit includes 4 x 1 metre length flexi pipes
  • Doubles in length from 50cm to 100cm
  • Includes silicon brush cleaner fitted with 1 metre chain
  • Includes handy storage bag
  • Metal tent pegs help support the wate pipe
  • fits caravan 29.5mm waste outlet
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